OhwaGroup 應和グループ

Total Service for Clients

The Ohwa Group responds to the diversifying and globalizing needs of its customers with a high level of expertise and experience.


Ohwa & Co.

Utilizing our experience at a major audit firm, we provide a wide range of audit (assurance) services, including not only statutory audits but also audits of non-profit corporations.


Ohwa Tax Co.

We provide tax representation, consultation, and management advice to a wide range of corporations, from small and medium-sized enterprises to global corporations, and from for-profit corporations to non-profit corporations.


Ohwa Business Advisory Co.,Ltd.

As a reliable “business partner” for our clients, we tackle issues that need to be resolved at every stage of a company’s operations, regardless of industry, size, or domestic or overseas location.


SME Support Inc.

With the theme of “a good advisor for small and medium-sized business owners,” we provide support in a wide range of fields, including not only accounting and taxation, but also finance, human resources, and management strategy.


NAO Lawoffice

As a group, we can provide an one-stop service for problems and issues that require knowledge of the law that are faced in corporate management.


Ohwa Labor and Social Security Attorney

We provide services that go beyond mere procedures by quickly identifying labor problems that can be seen through consultation procedures related to labor insurance and social insurance from a professional perspective.


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